Virtual Drone Tour

Take a drone tour of beautiful Oak Village Academy preschool center in Cary, NC to see how our unique campus environment is bringing a new perspective to the meaning of preschool. The virtual drone tour will show you Oak Village Academy's unique campus environment unlike anything you have ever seen before with a focus on outdoor learning environments (OLEs). With six different preschool buildings, one for each age group as well as one multi-purpose room, Oak Village Academy preschool center brings a new perspective to the meaning of preschool. Each building design was fashioned to explore different types of architecture, which results in a beautifully designed campus. Outdoor learning environments add to the aesthetic and beauty of the preschool center campus.

Oak Village Academy offers an emphasis on Outdoor Learning Environments as a basis of our preschool campus design. We created unique outdoor learning environments (OLE) to encourage children to actively participate in learning, play and environmental education.

At Oak Village Academy preschool in Cary and Holly Springs, NC, your child will engage and change through interaction in our outdoor learning village, which will allow them to practice motor development skills with natural settings and materials in a very fun, organic way. With 75% of our day spent outdoors, experiential learning in OLE's will extend and enhance your child’s developmental capacity. 

Our unique outdoor learning environments (OLE) at Oak Village Academy preschool center allow children to use natural experiences to expand their knowledge. Oak Village Academy preschool and day care in Cary, NC brings a new definition to the meaning of outside time.

At Oak Village Academy preschool center, your child will enjoy Outdoor Learning Environments, with trees, shrubs, plants, vines, and other natural items to encourage healthy development. A child’s engagement with nature at Oak Village Academy encourages experiences that allow for learning in a natural way