Rocks, Dirt and Space

An owner of a preschool? Me? Everybody has their own path in life. Whether you walk in high heels, tennis shoes, sandals or boots, your path will take you to where you are supposed to go. This picture says it all for me. Boots in the dirt. What path am I headed down? Let me tell you all about it.

It has always been a dream of mine to be an owner of a preschool. I have worked in the Early Childhood field for over twenty years and I love everything about it. The children, the teachers, the parents, the laws….just everything about working in the EC field makes my heart happy and my face smile!

This picture is quite meaningful for me. Here I am standing in the dirt, in the tractor tire tracks as the construction of Oak Village Academy campus is moving right along. A life-long dream. There it is, becoming a reality. Some of you will understand that I walked this site taking pictures, picking up rocks and looking at every inch of the location to remember everything that I could about how it all began. Rocks, dirt and space. A lot of space. The rocks I have collected are so important. They are a part of the beginning of this dream happening. Really happening!

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