Our Campus


Oak Village Academy offers a unique campus environment unlike anything you have ever seen before.  With 6 different buildings, one for each age group as well as one multi-purpose room, Oak Village Academy is bringing a new perspective to the meaning of preschool.


Overview of Oak Village’s Campus

Building one is our Infant and Administrative Building.  All parents and staff will enter the campus through a secured entrance and proceed to check in and head to their respective building/classroom.  This building consists of two infant classrooms, a directors office, resource room, janitorial closet, conference room, staff lounge, nursing nook and a cozy living room area to provide a relaxing, homey feeling for parents.

Building two is designed to be like the houses built in our home state, North Carolina.  There will be a total of three toddler (one year old) classrooms in this building.

Building three is our take on a country farmhouse.  This building consists of three Preschool Prep (two year old) classrooms.

Building four is based on the architectural styles seen in San Francisco.  This building will be used for our Preschool age (three year old) children and consists of two and a half classrooms.

Building five is modeled after a Colorado mountain house.  This building has two huge classrooms for our Pre-k program that consists of 4 and 5 year olds.

Building six is a beautiful New Orleans style building. This will be used as a multi purpose room and gymnasium for all age groups to utilize during the day.