This word is used in a lot of ways.

I am asked a lot about what inspired me to become an educator.

I am asked about what type of curriculum inspired my teaching style.

I am asked about behavior management techniques and what inspired my positive reinforcement philosophy.


Who knew that one word could create so many questions? It’s really quite profound that educators are asked over and over again about what inspired them to do what they do. The vast amount of answers is impressive to say the least.

Question after question. Inquiry after inquiry. What inspired you to be a teacher is the most asked question in an educator’s life.

Well, there are a lot of specific answers people are taught to say when they are in college learning about the profession. There are a lot of answers that people are taught to say because so many others want to hear something specific, like an answer to a test. There are answers given because people think sharing some famous information and well known fact makes them look like a better educator.


It’s a tricky thought, question, comment and word. That one word has so many layers and meanings. I wish people could just say what they are truly feeling about their inspiration.

What inspired me to become an educator? The children.

What inspired me to be the kind of educator that I am. The children.

What inspired me to become a positive discipline based educator? The children.

Now, please understand, I am not saying ‘the children’ as a cliché answer. It’s much more.

The children that I am speaking of are the children that I went to school with and watched them be shattered as a teacher put them down in class.

The children that I am speaking of are the children that I see on the news that have been subjected to harsh punishments and abuse at the hands of an educator or care giver.

The children I am speaking of are the children that I know leave school and go home to a cold place without the warmth of a blanket and bed to sleep at night.

Ya see, I am inspired by the children, all children, everywhere. Any time. Any place.


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