Educational pRograms

Every day at Oak Village Academy™ children enjoy learning through exploration, make decisions that build social and emotional relationships and reach individual developmental milestones. While creating an exceptional experience for children, we prepare them for a lifetime of reaching their goals and create ways to instill the love of learning.

With a strong foundation in education, values of the community, passion for learning, children and nature, Oak Village Academy™ immediately creates an environment where children can blossom. The high quality and educational learning environment allows children to learn the natural way, getting back to our roots of learning. Come explore with us.

  • our curriculum

    From Infants to Pre Kindergarteners we support children in their growth and development with our educationally based Curriculum related to child friendly thematic learning. Our teachers incorporate educational activities into the everyday Lesson Plans encouraging the children to learn through problem solving and experiences throughout their day at Oak Village Academy™.

  • our program

    With our one of a kind, child focused, educational indoor and outdoor learning environments, Oak Village Academy™ balances learning with social, emotional, physical, intellectual and cognitive learning experiences. By combining outdoor learning environments with Oak Village Academy’s incredible classrooms and indoor learning areas, our program balances learning and education with nature and fun.

  • Educational Enhancements with LEAP

    At Oak Village Academy™ we are LEAPing into learning with our Learning Enhancement and Play program. With LEAP, Oak Village Academy™ provides a well-rounded experience that will ensure that children learn through individual experiences. Our LEAP Curriculum Enhancement Program includes nature, yoga, music, foreign language, athletics and art. With the diversity offered within the LEAP Program, all children can experience education with excitement and fun.

Oak Village Academy™ has found the difference. We are getting back to the basics and teaching children in a way that they love to learn. By creating indoor and outdoor learning environments, children will have the best of the best of locations to learn. Learning the natural way could not be any better. Come learn with us today!