Our Team

"The campus style puts your disposition in a different mind frame. The setup of the campus helps new energy flow and gives you new light. The difference in the environment we have at Oak Village Academy brings out a difference in everyone!"

Twanda Pulley, Director of School Operations, West Cary


As with curriculum standards, at Oak Village Academy we view the teaching standards set by the state of North Carolina as simply a starting point. Our expectations go above and beyond from there. At Oak Village Academy, meeting the NC Childcare Credential only qualifies you to be an assistant to start.

While most of our lead teachers have a two-year or four-year college degree along with at least two years experience, we look beyond just teaching credentials when selecting our staff. We seek to hire those unique master teachers, and therefore education and experience are just the beginning of our considerations. 

Our teachers and staff build upon this theme of exceeding expectations… always asking, “What else can we do for each child and their family?” We meet every applicant face-to-face and screen them to make sure they are right for our team. 

In fact, at Oak Village Academy, our administration, staff and ownership are like one big family where love and care come first! There is always an administrator on site, and our teachers thrive in the supportive working environment. This all lends itself to the positive energy you notice as soon as you step onto our campus. And, we expect every member of our staff to naturally do simple things like hugging and bending down on each child's level so they feel cared for and loved.

If you’d like to learn more about joining our team, contact us at jobs@oakvillageacademy.com.

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Our 5-Star Rating

Oak Village Academy has a 5-star rating from the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education, the highest standard of professional childcare set by the state. Learn more here.