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At Oak Village Academy™ we create and make a difference in the educational experience for young children. While learning the natural way, we also provide imaginative and encouraging indoor and outdoor learning environments with low child to teacher ratios. The low child to teacher ratios at Oak Village Academy™ means that teachers have more time to work one-on-one with children while trying different activities that engage children in learning.

We Don’t Have A Kitchen… Here’s Way


Lunch and snack time are integral daily sessions at Oak Village Academy. When our students gather for lunch, it is not unusual for a variety of dishes to be found at one session—a grilled veggie pita… or roast beef on gluten-free bread… or a bento box assortment… The combinations are endless, but each of our students, at lunch or snack time, maintains their own unique connection to their home and parents. That’s because their parents pack their lunch and snack every day.

At Oak Village, we understand that each student’s first nutritionist is their parents or guardians. Parents are in the best position to know what types of food their children enjoy, need, and will and won’t eat. They are also keenly aware of their own child’s food allergies or sensitivities. We firmly believe that children will eat healthier—and strengthen their connection to their cultural background and identities—when parents pack lunch for them. The curious questions and conversations amongst students and staff at lunch time, about what each student is enjoying, furthers our mission of exploration and helps improve social and emotional relationships. And, it’s kinda cool when the ones who love them most pack their favorite treat for snack time!

The Oak Village Academy™ Difference: Low Child to Teacher Ratios

Age of Children
Infants (6 weeks–12 months)
Toddlers (1–2 years)
Preschool Prep (2–3 years)
Preschool (3–4 years)
Pre-Kindergarten (4-5)

NC’s Required Ratios
1 to 5 Maximum of 10
1 to 6 Maximum of 12
1 to 10 Maximum of 20
1 to 15 Maximum of 25
1 to 20 Maximum of 25

Our Ratios
1 to 4 Maximum of 8
1 to 5 Maximum of 10
1 to 9 Maximum of 18
1 to 10 Maximum of 20
1 to 12 Maximum of 24

Lower ratios allow children more time with the teachers and the smaller group sizes create a more positive environment for the children to explore and learn.

The Oak Village Academy™ Difference: The Benefits of Connecting Children with Nature

  • Supports Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Enhances Cognitive Abilities
  • Improves Academic Performances
  • Supports Multiple Developmental Domains
  • Reduces Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms
  • Increases Physical Activity
  • Improves Nutrition
  • Improves Eyesight
  • Improves Social Relations
  • Improves Self Discipline
  • Reduces Stress in Young Children


Our 5-Star Rating

Oak Village Academy has a 5-star rating from the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education, the highest standard of professional childcare set by the state. Learn more here.

Google Reviews

Jason Cataldo
Jason Cataldo
14:38 19 Apr 18
I'm very pleased with the change in my son's behavior, attitude, and level of happiness after changing to Oak Village. The people are wonderful, sincere, and pleasant. It's evident in my son's spirit that he is happy here.
Matt Burns
Matt Burns
16:15 26 Mar 18
Very happy with the awesome staff and the brand new facility. Our daughter struggled with the adjustment of going to school but the staff helped a lot and after a couple weeks she loves her teachers and her friends. Would absolutely recommend!
Tiffaney Holder
Tiffaney Holder
21:09 14 Dec 17
I wouldn’t normally do this but I am so over the moon impressed with this new concept Day Care / Pre-School, that I just have to let everyone here know about it. We've been there since they opened. The teachers are absolutely amazing. My little one is happier than ever when I drop her off and happier than ever when I pick her up. They are either dancing and playing in the gym or working on a project when I pick her up. She is flourishing and I know, for a fact, that it is because of the loving and caring teachers at OVA and the outside play time she gets even when it's raining 😉 They get to Paint on a huge wall. So much fun!! It’s a brand new facility. 5 mins from NetApp off Green Level Church Rd. Oak Village Academy. It’s literally a Village of buildings. Each age group has their own cottage. Including a separate building for the gym. I don’t even care if you use me as a referral. It’s just an amazing facility so I had to share.
Morgan Clark
Morgan Clark
21:43 06 Dec 17
We have nothing but positive things to say about Oak Village Academy. Our daughter is in the toddler room and the happiness and growth we have seen since she started is amazing. The attention to detail and quality of activities will amaze you. Communication between teacher and parents has been effortless. We love all the outdoor time she gets and the multiple pictures we get throughout the day.
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