daycare vs. preschool

Daycare Vs. Preschool: What’s The Difference?

Daycare vs. preschool, what does it mean? It’s simple. Just look at the words separately and let’s break them down into syllables. #LiteracyLesson

Daycare: day-care. Easy. We don’t even need a dictionary for this one!

Day: A measure of time lasting 24 hours. 365 days are in a year (366 during leap years). HoliDAYs are days where we have off from work and schools are closed. Independence DAY, Veterans DAY. Memorial DAY. New Year’s DAY. Got it!

Care: To care for someone. To protect. Good health and maintenance. Management. But alternatively, we use “care” to say we don’t care about something. Our kids say “I don’t care” all the time.

Now, putting it together… Daycare means 24 hours of not caring for anything!

Simple enough, right? #TheParodyContinues

Moving on.

Preschool: pre-school.

Pre: This means before, or previously.

School: A place to educate children… But in what discipline? Dance? Nanotechnology? Dog whispering?

We digress.

Putting it together, “preschool” means a place to go to before school. Like shopping! Grandma’s house! The movies! Ice cream!

There you have it, easy peasy. If students had their druthers, they would surely pick preschool over daycare. Unless they’re going to an early morning dentist appointment. 

Back to reality.

At Oak Village Academy, the concepts of preschool and daycare are generally similar, but also have distinct differences. In general, most daycares and preschools can be distinguished by several factors listed below… And at Oak Village Academy, we have our own definitions:

Daycare Vs. Preschool: The Hours

Most daycare facilities are places where parents can have their children taken care of by a professional for a full day, and they offer year-round services.

Preschools can be open for just a few hours during the day and maybe only a few days a week. Some focus on a school schedule rather than the parent’s schedule, and some may even close for vacations and summertime.

At Oak Village Academy: We offer both daycare and preschool for full day sessions all year round (with the exceptions of holidays). We also hold a graduation session for our pre-Kindergarten (4 and up) and Jr. Kindergarten (2-3) classes in June.

Daycare Vs. Preschool: The Ages Of The Children

Daycare centers can have a wide range of ages, and accept children as young as 6 weeks old. They may also accept school-aged children for after school programs. Programs will also assist in diaper changing and toilet training.

Preschools generally start around 2 years and go up to  5 or 6. Students are expected to be toilet trained and exhibit a range of social and emotional maturity.

At Oak Village Academy: We separate our students into four classes: Infant, Toddler, 2-3 Jr. Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten (4 and up). Technically, our daycare consists of infants and toddlers. Children up to 12 months of age have their own completely individualized lesson plans, based on age and developmental stage. To this end, we:

  • Encourage exploration and discovery
  • Implement brain-based instructional principles
  • Make use of multi-sensory materials

The toddler curriculum is designed to address each child’s individual needs, interests, background, learning style and rate of learning. Our toddlers receive the support and guidance necessary to:

  • Observe and respond to their environment
  • Actively participate in daily routines
  • Acquire social-emotional skills in a nurturing environment

Jr. Kindergarten is where our 2 & 3 year-olds are placed. At this age, we are creating ways to instill the love of learning in them as they:

  • Enthusiastically explore their world
  • Actively seek out and participate in new experiences
  • Further develop social-emotional skills
  • Build language and communication skills
  • Begin to understand math and science concepts

In Pre-Kindergarten 4 year-olds are the big kids on campus! By this point, we are already preparing them for a lifetime of reaching their goals. This includes:

  • Vocabulary and literacy development
  • Listening skills
  • Mathematical principles such as geometry and patterns
  • Scientific principles
  • Social Studies
  • Emotional development

Daycare Vs. Preschool: Philosophy/Curriculum

Both daycares and preschools are known to have a specific educational style for early childhood. Some may focus on socialization, while others might be more inclined to encourage cognitive, intellectual and physical prowess.

We are not sure if there is a daycare or preschool specifically for superheroes… But we do know one designed for wizards.

At Oak Village Academy: We operate at the highest standards when it comes to our staff and learning environment. Our core beliefs begin with respecting individual differences, honoring every child’s culture and seeing family members as equal partners in a child’s growth and learning. Through exploration and play, children build relationships and develop a variety of social, language and cognitive development. We use the NCDHHS Foundations for Early Learning & Development program supplemented by the Kaplan Early Learning program toys and learning tools as a basis for curriculum for all ages. We also use the Kaplan Learn Every Day™ program to supplement our program for infants and toddlers, as well as our 2- and 3-year-olds, and the Kaplan Connect4Learning® (C4L) program for our 4-year-olds.

So, there you have it. Now, you too can be a linguistic expert when it comes to daycare vs. preschool.

Here endeth the lesson…

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